May 17, 2011


The morning and evening commute via the NYC subway system is ripe with a smorgasbord of characters just waiting to be captured in my sketchbook (or sometimes iphone nowadays). The variety of cultures, clothing, personalities, and mental stabilities amongst MTA patrons is surprising and impressive (and makes me giddy with devilish excitement just thinking about it). This illustration is based on a sketch I captured earlier last week. I'm not sure why I specifically choose to render this individual, but I will say the combination of pure disdain on her face, with the harsh over-head lighting may or may not have been contributing factors. 


Lady Garland said...

Beautiful! I have a feeling she and I would be the best of friends. O m O

Matt Doering said...

I can see it now. Chrystin and subway girl being all like, "THE HELL with this train!!!"

Nate said...

I absolutely LOVE the rendering quality on these last few pieces.


PS. The word I have to type to prove I'm human is "snessers." heheh.

Jessie said...

Her expression is great!