May 9, 2011

Life Drawing at The Society of Illustrators

My buddy Chris Martinetti and I have started a new tradition on Thursday evenings where we go to the life drawing session at the Society of Illustrators and afterwards enjoy a filling meal at Chipotle. The society really creates a warm and fun environment for sketching. Every week features a new music group, a selection of tasty drinks at the bar, and a variety of nude and clothed models to thoroughly exercise all of one’s observational drawing muscles. Above are a few of  last months spoils. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last attended life drawing. It feels great to get back into it. Chris and I are trying to come up with a catchy title for the evening. So far all we’ve come up with is Boobs, Booze, and Burritos but in spite of it’s nice alliteration, it still has a third grade tone to it. Anyone else want to give it a try?


Daniel Woodling said...

I love how sculpted these forms are. Really nice job Matt! :3

Nate said...

These are great!

If you're going for "adult," but want to keep the alliteration, perhaps "Chipotle, Charcoal and Chums."

Matt Doering said...

Thanks Dan!

Nate - I think that works wonderfully. Good suggestion.