Jun 11, 2011

More Life Drawing

I’ve been knees deep in photoshop experimental mode the past couple weeks, both at work and in my personal art. I’ve been heavily inspired recently by old photos, lomography, and photography/cinematography and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to incorporate that inspiration into my illustration work. Luckily my collection of life drawings from the society of illustrators has given me some work to experiment with. Figured I’d show you folks the results, and see what you think.


Sandra Valerie said...

the lomo thing is working on this girl i think :) maybe even more because she is also looking like a 20ies beauty ;)

Nate said...

I love the shapes!

The way all your linework flows together in these sketches is brilliant.

Now I feel like doing some life drawing again :D

Daniel Woodling said...

The sketches themselves are amazingly well done. My one big thing is I wish the vignette wasn't as strong as it is. But The overall look is awesome!