Jul 29, 2010

Comic-Con Post: Part 1

I'd like to say that this image really represent my Comic Con experience as a whole (insert clever metaphor about the small yet mighty claiming victory despite the vast insurmountable challenges) but it really doesn't. I don't know where this image came from. I'm not even sure it's all that interesting. Looks like you guys will just have to continue to bear with me while I try to come up with imagery that actually has good visual storytelling. 

I'll post more about the Con in my next post, but for right now the main challenge with the image was to come up with something quick. Hopefully overtime, as I practice more, I'll start coming up with better story ideas and compositions. I want to start treating my blog like Pascal Campion where I post a new drawing, sketch, or illustration everyday. But until things start to settle down here in NYC I'm not sure I can stick with a daily commitment just yet. We'll see!


Daniel Woodling said...

I'm loving the stache

Zane Yarbrough said...

somebody is influenced by pascal, cool painting shouldn't it be (post) comic con???

Matt Doering said...

Yeah, after talking with Pascal, Brittney and Cory at Comic Con about their processes, I thought I'd give it a try to see how it works out.

Zane - You're right. The title doesn't make sense how I wrote it. I'll change it.