Jul 11, 2010

A new direction for my blog...

Update: I added some texture to this image, and I really love how it turned out. Yep, I think I'll be starting this new film series in a few weeks, after comic con, and after I move into my new apartment. Details coming soon.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to get better at drawing sexy women (because for some reason I didn't practice enough in college). I've been revisiting classic films and found that several artistic principles found in good visual design for animation are also heavily prevalent in live action film as well, just in a more subtle fashion. So I stumbled across the Havana scene from the movie "Guys and Dolls and boy, that scene is filled with great silhouettes, dynamic contrasts, straights vs curves, a whole slew of great compositional principles. It was really inspiring. I based the above illustration off of a screen shot I took from the scene.  

I've been looking for a subject or prompt that I could use for posting regular illustrations and I think this might be what I'm looking for. So, here's the idea. Every week I'll choose a shot, pose, or interesting composition from a live action film, analyze it, and create an illustration based on my findings. What do you guys think? I think there's a lot of learning potential in this project. After studying animation for four years, it might be good to take a break and see what inspiration I can draw from live action.

Also here's the scene from youtube. Enjoy! 


Lady Garland said...

Matt this is awesome! I think analyzing live action scenes will be a great experiment for you!

Now you have me feeling all nostalgic again...XD

robberry said...

Oh, gosh; old movies! The kind of thought that used to go into those movies puts recent stuff to shame.

I think you have something going with this. Maybe I should take a page out of your book.

Zane Yarbrough said...

matt do you like smoker girls??? :)

Matt Doering said...

HA! Zane, I like sexy smoker girls from the 1950s, not modern day smoker ladies. Too trashy (in general) for my taste.

Thanks Chrystin and Robyn! Yeah, we'll see where this goes. I'm looking forward to it. Already getting some good ideas.

Daniel Woodling said...

I'd just say the man's head looks a little bit disproportionate to the rest of body, but other wise looks great!

Nate said...


I want to post it up in my room... but first I have to find a printer.

Lauren Rasmussen said...

OH GOODNESS. WEIRD. I was watching West Side Story yesterday, and was drawing from it! I was doing more study of facial structure and men's hairstyle from the 50's, but still. O_____O

besides that, awesome drawing!!! I do love the texture - and the way you didn't just copy the frame from Guys and Dolls makes it look so unique, though it's still got the same sexy feel. :D I don't know how else to explain.

also, freeze-frame through some sections of West Side Story. AMAZING colors and setups! and there are some sexy ladies as well. :)

lyle said...

sorry I havent visited your blog in a while. beautiful work!! i love this piece. great graphic quality