Jul 7, 2010

I missed it by two minutes!!!

For those of you who haven't checked out Sketchoholic get yur little hiny over there pronto and sign up! So much fun! Its a great website chock full of artistic resources, competitions, and artist interviews. I found out about this website via the wonderful Chrystin Garland and  Zane Yarbrough. It's crazy! Just in the past week, two wonderful interviews from Nate Wragg and Everett Downing (Pixar Artist and Pixar Animator respectively) about their experiences in the animation industry. You think there are enough links in this paragraph?

Tonight Nate Wragg held a competition titled "Wall Street Cyclops." Here's is my late submission for the competition because tonight was also a major deadline for a project at work, for which my team and I have been working our tails off the past two weeks to complete. Actually I did get the drawing done with a minute to spare, but forgot to create an account. *snaps finger*

For this drawing I took inspiration from the show Mad Men. I've been wanting an excuse to practice drawing sexy women and this seemed to be a good opportunity! Still some things I want to tweak and color will come eventually. Thoughts?


Elsa George said...

Matt, you're very talented!!! :)

Lady Garland said...

I absolutely love this picture! It's such a shame you weren't able to submit it on time! Next contest, I better see your work up there! XD

Zane Yarbrough said...

So Cool Matt!!! Like me and Chrystin where saying last night I love the line of action in this drawing. You should definitely color this and maybe make the guy cyclops a pinkish color!

Lauren Rasmussen said...

NEATO!!! I am ever so glad the sexy lady is not of the pencil-thin variety. :D

the guy's expression is so funny... his arm reminds me of bruce timm. looks like ah munna hafta sign up for sketchoholic too! WOOT!

Matt Doering said...

Wow! thanks you guys!

Chrystin: Yes ma'am. I won't be late again I swearz!

Zane: YES, lovin' the pink idea. The secretary could be green maybe. What a twist!

Lauren: Of course! Curves for the win! Personally not into the whole pencil thin thing. Never did understand it. And yes, you should totally join!

Nick Allred said...

hey Matt
this looks great
really sexy