Jul 26, 2009

Yetti Designs - Need Feedback

This week has been odd in a good way. I think I've finally found my muse because I've been sketching fairly consistently. Too bad it took me six weeks to get to this point. Frustrating. But here you'll find some character designs I've been working on for, "Molly and Emma's Pet Yeti." I'm stuck at the moment. I'm not sure which direction I want to go from here. The lanky design is much easier to draw for me and I think that design also portrays the most character. I'd rather go with a more Pete's Dragon feel to this story than a My Neighbor Totoro, however I feel the Yeti needs to be large and more monstrous. But all Yeti's are large and monstrous. See my! I would love some feedback.

Only three weeks left of the internship. Then it's back home and shortly after, back to school T_T. I'm not looking forward to school. Well, correction, I'm not looking forward to school WORK. I have a very hefty schedule fall quarter and I'm afraid I might die if I don't do something about it.


Josh Lieberman said...

Hey man
Theres a lot of cool stuff here.
I agree with what your sayin about the lanky design, it doesn't feel very 'yeti'
I think it may be the neck? It makes him look more human than animal, less monstrous.

It seems like you have varying designs of only 2 basic shapes.
I'd say maybe try some shape exploration first.

There are some doodles in these 2 posts I did about a yeti I was designing. Maybe they can help?

Is this for a personal project or freelance?

Zane Yarbrough said...

well from what you have here I like the boxier one better if you can make it work, because the lanky one doesn't say baby to me...and it is going to be a baby right?

Robyn Haley said...

I think the yeti will be super successful if you had a bit more appeal to the face. Right now he looks good, but kind of a plain goofy look about it that seems a bit too generic maybe? I think with slight modifications it will really work. Try a heavier jaw, bigger nose and experiment with fuller hair that covers up the eyes.