Jul 8, 2009

WWC Charcter Design Update

Above is an updated version of the main character for my roommate, Sean Farbolin's, senior film, "World War Cute." It's going to be awesome. The full turn around is coming soon, then T and action poses.

Internship Update:

It's hard to describe just how great the satisfaction feels knowing that you've chosen the right career path. This week I've finally been shifted over to project Martha, the project I will most likely be working on for the rest of the summer. I've had a wonderful internship experience thus far in that I've dabbled in various types of art-making for several different games. I got to do graphic design for project Moby and character design and animation for project Gelato, but now I'm diving into what I thrive on. I'm working with the art director for project Martha to develop the stylistic look of the game. I get so excited bouncing ideas back and forth, and playing with sparks of inspiration. Art direction is what I hope to pursue at some point in the future, and so far, just in the past two days, I'm realizing that this is what I'm most passionate about.

Also, I don't know how I've survived this long without Netflix. The other day I watched Serenity and Superman: Doomsday. Both awesome. It was relaxing to catch up on a few movies that I had been wanting to see but also getting time to get some artwork done.

I've also crewed an addiction for Discovery Health Channel. Fascinating stuff.


Josh Lieberman said...

Awesome man
good luck with the project.

rojacool said...

glad to see your internship is going great, matt. your portfolio work continues to be quite stellar! -rj

Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

I'm so glad you're having a fun time! Sounds like you're learning a lot!