Aug 25, 2009

Inking and more inking...

Oh boy! Two weeks left until school starts? Where the hell did time go! Well it's been a very busy month since my last post: my internship's done, my parents and I moved my brother to college last week, and now I'm resting at home in West Virgina before heading back to Savannah in two weeks! I've only been home for about a week and I already miss Troy and working at 1st Playable :(

Here's an illustration I've been inking. I did this comic back in the spring for my speed sketching class. I need to have a few comics/illustrations to color for my Digital Coloring for Comics class this fall, and this was among a very limited number of good options to use for that class.

More Yeti stuff to come. Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Definitely agree with a number of the design flaws.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Matt... Ya know wht else you should ink for your class? Th pic of me and Liza and the car! hehe LOve you and your stuff looks wonderful!!!!!!

xoxo - Jen