Jun 19, 2009

Another Awesome Stop-Motion Short Film

I found this fantastic short film last week. After seeing this and the short film, "Dead Line" (the post-it note stop-motion short film) I've become more and more interested in experimental animation and am looking for creative ways to explore the media. Just brainstorming though.

In other news, I successfully finished the first week of my internship for 1st Playable Productions in Troy, NY. The week was off to a slow start - setting up my computer, downloading software, downloading project files - but now they're keeping me fairly busy. I'm finishing up work on one game project where I got to create some buttons for in-game activities. Today I created some mock up designs for said game's cartridge art, and on Monday I start something completely different. I think I get to do some character animation. Nothing fancy though, just sprite animation. Unfortunately I can't talk about these project until they hit the shelves. I can't go breaking confidentiality agreements. But I'll keep the blog updated with my antics and hopefully I get the chance to post some artwork soon. The set design for the show I was working on last week is finally finished. I'm anxious to see how the final product turned out. I know the team back at home did an excellent job in my absence.

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