Jun 10, 2009

Set Design: Oldies

My first week of summer vacation was WONDERFUL. I slept in, and did absolutely nothing (which is why I haven't been posting on my blog :P) and it was glorious. However, this week I've had to really exercise my creative juices for the annual Smoot Theatre Camp Broadway show in my hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia. This year we were lucky enough to get the rights to perform "Curtains" a show that recently left Broadway that I got to see in New York a few years ago. I've been designing and constructing my butt off for four days straight now. I enjoy being the set designer for the show each year, but it's just a ton of work trying to design and construct a full set in two weeks. Crazy. I'll post the designs and the finished set when there all finished. Unfortunately since I am moving to New York this Friday for my internship, my crew will have to carry on without me. Extra stress trying to get them everything they need. Good stuff though.

Above I've posted some of the Camp Broadway sets from years past. The first is Anything Goes and the second is Guys and Dolls. And yes the third one is High School Music, which I think turned out pretty well given what we had to work with.

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Lady Garland said...

These designs look amazing! The first one is my favorite, I think! Good luck in New York Matt! Take loottts of pictures so I can live through you, lol! XD