Jun 29, 2009

Summer Update and Senior Project Concept (about time)!

I had to post the above, because the news of this movie finally getting released in the states makes me extremely happy. This is the poster and trailer for the latest Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki film Ponyo. I am a proud owner of the entire Studio Ghibli collection. The stories, characters, artwork and music of these films truly define everything I love about animated film-making, and now we finally get to enjoy yet another animated classic brought to us by the wonderful dubbers over at Disney (and a special thanks to John Lassater). Enjoy the trailer! I can't wait to see this in August.

Blogging is proving to be tough this summer because:

A) Of the artwork that I have produced, it is either: unfinished, illegal to post (do to contract agreements for freelance projects and internship assignments), or I just haven't gotten around to posting it yet (as is the case with the Curtains set design. I haven't received pictures yet of the finished set nor do I have my concept sketches organized). Sigh!

B) I'm running out of time to produce artwork in my free time. I do get home in the evening until 6:30 or 7:00. By the time I unwind from work, eat dinner, and exercize (yes I'm finally getting my ass in shape) it's almost 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening. Although I love my job and the work that I'm doing, it's been tough to find a good solid chunk of time to myself to get work completed.

Lot's to talk about:

I recently enjoyed a wonderful weekend with family in Washing D.C. Celebrating my twin cousins' first birthday. My entire maternal family was their including my cousin Jeff and his wife Kristen who live on the military base in Okinawa Japan. Kristen, Jeff and I swapped stories of Tokyo and Tokyo Disney Sea. I was wonderfully reminded that I have a fantastically awesome family and I wish I could see more of them.

I also finally acquired inspiration for my senior project in Sequential Art. I'm going to write an sequential children's book based on my cousin Todd's kids Molly and Emma, two of the most adorable little girls you will ever meet. The title you might ask? Molly and Emma's pet Yetti. On a cold winter's morning, a stork leaves a baby Yetti sitting on the door step of Molly and Emma's house as he is inappropriately dressed for the long flight to the Greenland. While the stork returns to the clouds to retrieve appropriate winter attire, Molly and Emma decide to nurse the the baby Yetti until the stork's return. Chaos and giggles ensue. I'm still working out plot details but so far, I'm excited about the project.

I did not enjoy the new Transformers movies. The poor cinematography and story boarding, annoyingly, left me confused, disoriented and pissed off that I couldn't see the awesome visual effects because the camera couldn't sit still for one bloody second.

My internship at 1st Playable is going very well. I recently finished the tedious task of animating blinking eyes and moving lips for 60+ characters but I finally have been given the opportunity to flex my skills and I've been drawing new poses for pre-designed characters. It's been great! It was difficult staying on model at first but after today, I think I finally got the hang of it. Hopefully I can post some of those drawings once the game gets release towards the end of the summer.

Hopefully future posts will have some artwork attached to them. Take care everyone!

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