May 13, 2010


Ok folks, I finally finished the last of the eight illustration series for the "Emma and Molly's Pet Yeti" opening sequence. Whew! Boy did these turn out to me more troublesome than I originally anticipated. Ugh! My next post will be all eight of them in a row so you can see the story progression from one to the other. I swear I think whatever my next film is, I think it will be one of those cool painted short films that keep cropping up all over Cartoon Brew and Line Boil. The majority of the work that I've done for EMPY has been painting, and I'm really starting to enjoy painting and illustrating a lot. Many of the artist that crop up on these sites have found really unique ways to combine painting, illustrating, and animation into one perfect hybrid. It's cool to think that animation doesn't necessarily have to be separated into animation, cleanup, background painting, but that all three processes can be one in the same. I'm even more excited for graduation now. I can't wait to explore and experiment!

Here are a few of my more recent favorite short films that you guys should totally check out. All of these have been a huge influence for my next film (again, whatever that might be (not sure yet)). 

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Lyle Nagy said...

yo matt. congrats on the background completion. now, just the film. Cant wait to see it though.
And I think as far as the simplicity of the styles of the other films, definitely a very cool alternative to crisp and clean rendering. sometimes simplicity but intent in execution can give so much more desired emotion to a film.

but nonetheless the backgrounds look beautiful! great job