Dec 31, 2009

Updated Senior Film Style Test

After much deliberation with the EMPY Team, excellant feedback from Facebookers and Bloggers, I think I've settled on a Yeti color scheme, and here's my reasoning:

Most people chose a lighter toned Yeti, which I agree is appropriate because that is what generally separates Yeti's from Bigfoot interpretations. However, most Yeti interpretations I've seen included some variation of white on blue. Following suit for this Yeti design is, I think, a tad cliche. The Yeti in "Emma and Moly's Pet Yeti," is a very "different" yeti, not only in personality but also in appearance. I not only choose a warn neutral scheme because it stands out nicely against a cold environment, but a warm fur, gives him, I think more character. Think of it this way: red is hair is to humans as brown or warm fur tones are to Yeti's. This Yeti is playful, he's creative, he's care free, and he's intelligent. He's not a big, hulky mass that likes to eat and smash things. I wanted his coloring to reflect this. I did however, keep a blueish-green nose, and teal hair to tie him back to his cold origins. I also choose to give him a dark patch over his eyes for two reasons: many animals have this feature, and it is a common feature among various Yeti interpretations. Also, the darker patch helps his eyes stand out against his light fur tone.


Lauren Rasmussen said...

good GOD Matt, just make everybody else feel inferior and untalented!!! :D

the top image seriously looks like a christmas card. did you send it out for this year's christmas? :) I like yeti F2.... but sounds like you've already settled that, haha.

Zach said...

I love the final colors! Blue hair is win.