May 5, 2009

Speed Sketching: May 5th

Posting has been quite difficult recently and surprisingly frustrating. Please don't think that all I'm producing this quarter is life-drawing and animation because that is certainly not the case. I'm can't wait to post the matte paintings I've been working on for Kyle Stephen's senior project as well as the freelance backgrounds for Les Harper at Lightbox Animation Studios. Unfortunately I can't post any of this work until it is completed and available to the public. Hopefully toward the end of the quarter I'll have several posts of these backgrounds once I get the green light from my directors. I've collected some decent drawing recently from my Speed Sketching class. I'll have an animation of Madam Mim as a dragon to post on Monday. So there's something to look forward to. But for now, Life-drawing will have to do. Enjoy.

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