Apr 5, 2009

Mushu Head-Turn Animation

Finally! I just finished tweaking my Mushu Head-turn assignment for my Character Animation class. I would have posted it earlier, but there was too much to fix. I still want to go back and mess with the ear a bit more. If you can't tell already, I'm extremely picky. I'll be posting so some life-drawings this week some time. My speed sketching class is completely revolutionizing the way I approach drawing. I'm really excited about the class, and I'm already starting to make some major improvement.


Lady Garland said...

Matt, this looks epic! Good work!

DaYi said...

this looks really good Matt! Good job! On another note, I didn't know there was a speed sketching class here at SCAD. lol. Is it in the Sequential Dept? :)

CANTrow said...

Great job bro!