Mar 30, 2009


Well, I thoroughly apologize for not having anything to post. Luckily I'm finishing up a few projects this week, so hopefully I'll have some good stuff to post. I'm working on a head turn of Mushu from Mulan in my character animation class, and I have to finish 400 gesture drawings for Speed Sketching by Thursday. So far this batch for courses this quarter is right up my alley. It's going to be an excellent quarter. I'm also doing a little bit of free lance work for Lightbox studios based out of Chester, Virginia. I'm doing backgrounds for a super cool project that their working on for National Geographic. Unfortunately I can't post any of the artwork until the project is finished. But when it is, I'll put everything right here.

Life is busy as usual. Can't wait for summer.

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Zachary Murray said...

Matt! I love your blog already. I literally saw this as you posted it. I'm going to be sending you an email about Flash soon. :D