Nov 23, 2008


For those of you who have never experienced finals at SCAD, be thankful. It's pure hell. It seems that no matter how hard I try, I'm  always overwhelmed with work the last two weeks of the quarter, and this quarter's load seemed especially impossible to complete. A 15 second plus animation for Animation 1, 50 inked and rendered storyboards for Character Design and Story-boarding for Animation, and a six page Psychology paper that , ironically, I wrote about perfectionism. Fortunately (and surprisingly) for me, everything was completed in a reasonable amount time. I actually got a good amount of sleep each night which almost never happens. Usually I'm awake for two or three days straight like the rest of the school. But now it's all over, I can relax, enjoy Thanksgiving, and wait in blinding agony as the date of departure for my two-week trip to Japan slowly approaches. Until then, hopefully I'll get some work accomplished. Maybe some sketches and the beginnings of a sculpture. If I'm not too lazy that is. :D

Above you'll find, some designs for a re-telling of Three Billy Goats Gruff. Also I've included some disgustingly cute designs for the protagonist of an animated film that I was working on over the summer. Sadly I had to drop the project for time management purposes.

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Kristen said...

Hello, a trip to Japan? Why were your only relatives in Japan not told about this? Where will you be? What are you coming for? We would of course love to see you but I'm sure there will be some issues with flying 2 kids to wherever you are so that probably won't happen. We are going to Tokyo on Thursday for 5 days. We will be going to Disney, Disney Sea, and then one day to explore on our own. We arrive Thanksgiving day so we are going to have the "Thanksgiving day" buffet at the hotel. Welcome to the blogging world. You are certainly a talented artist! Have a great Thanksgiving and wish your family the same.