Aug 22, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con

(Wow, look at that big 'ole shit-eating grin)

I just got back from the Baltimore Comic Con today where I sold my art for the first time at a convention in the artist alley. Wow, what a doozy of an experience (both prepping for and during the convention)! But boy was it worth it. I got to meet and swap art with talented colleagues, met up with some college friends, and had the chance to talk with several friendly folks who where kind enough to stop by my booth and buy my stuff. A big thank you to everyone who came by to say hi. I had a blast spending time with you this weekend. 

I thought I'd post some pics from the event.

(The merch)

(Jen Keith, Nate Taylor, and Stephanie Hocutt being awesome)

(Princess Leia? o_o)

(When I was four, I wanted to be the Red Power Ranger)

(Emma and Molly stopped by to say hi)

Several people asked me about an online store and my availability for commission work. I'm currently setting up a store on ETSY, and I am also available for commission work. The store will be up by this time next week. Check back over the weekend for an announcement. I'll have commission and pricing information available on the site by then too. Until then, contact me via e-mail if your interested in a commission.

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Lady Garland said...

Ahh! I wish I could have gone! That looked like so much fun! Congrats on your first art booth! XDD