Apr 26, 2011

Pushing Daisies

I’ve been on a “Pushing Daisies” fan art kick recently (mostly because it gives me an excuse to look up production stills from the show). Such a whimsical and gorgeous show! 

I love watching TV via Netflix while I draw. It’s the perfect time for me to catch up on shows that people have recommended to me, and unlike my iPod playlist, it never gets boring. I just finished the first season of 24 last night. What are you folks currently watching? Anything suggestions I should add to the queue?

I've received some great TV show suggestions as a result of this post:
1) The Wire
2) Sherlock (BBC)
3) Battlestar Galactica (the new version)


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

the wire. watch it. all of it.

or the NBA playoffs, thats all im watching right now. too many games, so little time!

nice lighting :)

Chrystin said...

YOU'RE WELCOME. XD And by the way...I love that you're doing fanart for my favorite show!

Nate said...

This is gorgeous!

The shapes, the movement, the color. Great work all around.

Steven Roberson said...

I really like the warm palette of this one, Matt. I've been using the hexagon pattern as a motif lately, so it's interesting to see it used in a completely different way.

Matt Doering said...

Isaac: Great suggestion. I've heard the same from several people.

All: Thanks for the comments on the painting everyone. I'm really excited about this piece. I've been trying out some new aesthetic approaches.