Apr 4, 2011

Hearts to Japan

I’ve been aching for Japan recently. I spent a wonderful two weeks in Tokyo my junior year of college, an experience I consider to be among the most inspirational of my life so far. The country itself is breathtakingly gorgeous. To hear that this country that I’ve grown to love is suffering is just painful to me, even more so that I have several friends who have family in Japan. 

I’ve been looking for a way to participate in the relief effort, and low and behold, my co-worker and fellow SCAD Grad Shiho Hoshino has been working her tail off to put together a wonderful project called “Hearts to Japan,” a way for artists to aid Japan through T-Shirt design. Check out the page over at My co-workers and I, along with the help of other NYC SCAD alumni have contributed a few designs to the project. I myself did the panda sketch above (and yes, it is available in booth T-Shirt and Onsie). 

I’d be so grateful if any of you would be willing to support this fantastic project that Shiho has put together. If you’re interested and would like to contribute a T-shirt design yourself, please let me know!


Lady Garland said...

Matt, that's so great! It's really nice to see more and more people coming together to help! XD

Matt Doering said...

Thanks Chrystin! Yes, I'm glad I could help out too. I want to make a few more at some point. You should make some shirts too!

Daniel Woodling said...

Awww Such a touching tribute. You did a great job!

Abz said...

Really refreshing to see more artists getting involved! :)