Apr 29, 2010

A Break from School Work

Graduation is in fours weeks! So to alleviate the stress (and so we can keep in touch after graduation) my friends and I decided to start a sketch blog. Every two weeks, we give ourselves a prompt and create artwork. It's something to keep our creative juices flowing as we venture out into the work force. If you get a chance, go check it out.

This is my entry for the Sea Monsters prompt.

Now that "Emma and Molly's Pet Yeti" is coming to a close ( not really) I've been wanting to experiment more with my wide variety of artistic influence. My favorite artists right now are Brittney Lee, Pascal Campion, and Cory Godbey, and I just love how their work focuses less on rendering and more on color, lighting, mood, shape, and simplicity. I've also been really inspired by Al Hirschfeld's line work, and incredible sense for composition. I've been experimenting heavily with his fluid use of line in my animation recently for 2D Character Animation 3 and I'm finding that the action, emphasis, force, tension and all those good physical elements of movement are really starting to come alive in my animation. This is an exciting time for me. I'm starting to realize that so much of this year was me trying to force my art to be something it's not, trying go in directions that I felt necessary for artistic achievement, and I'm now starting to realize that I'm just not being true to myself and my own artistic influences. I think this piece is a fresh start for me, and I hope to continue to do more like it while continuing to play around with artistic style. The future is exciting. I can't wait to experiment and try new things. 


Daniel Woodling said...

Once again, this is so great. It's such a different style from your other work and it's great to see you branching out. Do more stuff like this!

Ms.PBrown said...

Beautiful as always. This piece still has your eye for color. You have a very particular way of using color and I like it much so I notice it. And everything needs a lil love every once in a while ^.^

lyle said...

as you already know, I LOVE THE SEA MONSTER!