Mar 8, 2010

Another Film I'm Working On

Remember I promised that I would eventually show some variety on this blog? Well, here we go! 

This film "Ma Monda" is the senior film of my good friend Chrystin Garland, who is a spectacular animator. I'm her layout artist, so all of those brightly colored cogs you see swirling in the background are the result of many hours of work from the Christmas holidays. A special thanks goes to my friend and roommate Nate Taylor for a stunning composite job in after effects. Go check out their sites, and be amazed. I've been meaning to show my work from this film, but sadly have been absorbed in Yeti related endeavors. More to come on this project.

Also, for those who remember my comment a few weeks ago about finals not being so bad after all, I lied. Very bad L But that’s ok! I’m almost done, and then I get to enjoy time with friends in San Francisco.

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Daniel Woodling said...

Wow, I never got a chance to see this all together, but man that background came out AMAZING!