Feb 6, 2010

Tree House Background

Well, I've been learning a few things about layout design recently: if you do a lot of quick drawings, quick concept sketches, and quick trial versions of said layout, it makes the process of final rendering a lot quicker. I know it sounds like a very artistically basic thing that I every artist should probably know already, but I guess I didn't really challenge myself otherwise until I started working on this film. A lot of terrific experience as a result of working on this and other films.

That being said, here's the finished rendering of the tree house interios. I'm quite proud of it. I still want to go back and tweak a few things: throw off straights line and what not. I'm so excited to work on the final colored version of this background and then see the multi-planning too. 

Here's of the process work for the final render:

Here's the original storyboard

Here's a quick redo after doing some rough concept work:

And so you can see the individual layers, here's the finished rendered foreground...

...and the finished mid-ground.

All in all, I spent about 4 or 5 hours rendering the final version! Now for color...

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