Dec 3, 2009

Senior Film Stuff

Please pardon the blog while I work on reformatting :D

I finally found the solution to being more productive during my free time - turn off the internet! It's that simple. I just unplugged my ethernet cable, and every time I was tempted to look up something on the internet, I was too lazy to get up and plug it back in. Haha! I guess it's just a clever little way to pander to my own lazyness.

Any who, here we have a style test for my senior film. Just trying to figure out what the final look is going to be.Not sure if I want (or have time) to animate shadows so I'll have to work with that a bit, but I think for the first color test, it's a good start. Of course, there's still tons more work to be done before I settle on the final color design, but hey, color's fun!

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Brooklyn_Gremsley said...

This is fantastic! Lovin that color palette.