Sep 25, 2009

Coloring and Characters

I just finished a coloring piece for my Digital Coloring for Comics class! PLEASE note that the drawings are not mine, but the coloring is! I’m not sure who the original artists are (our professor gave them to us), but they deserve the praise for the beautiful draftsmanship on these works. I deserve the praise for the coloring however. :D

The next image is of Yeti and Molly for my senior project. I’m trying to improve the gestural qualities of my design work as well as overall composition, silhouette structure, and use of straights vs. curves (sorry for using animation/character design jargon).

And now it’s time for a more extensive update…

First and foremost, “Molly and Emma’s Pet Yeti” has been adapted for screen and will now be produced as a 2D animated short film instead of the original concept of self publishing a children’s book (although I may still produce a children’s book in the future). My last few posts have alluded to the creation of a film, but I recently realized that I did not mention this explicitly. So yes I’m creating a film! Holy crap!

The production of the short film is going well so far. I have the great Tyler Kupferer (the creator of the fantastic short film “Duck Heart Teslecoil”) working on the project as my story assistant. I have a producer, hopefully a sound designer, and composer for the film score. We have a production meeting on Sunday to solidify the film treatment, and then storyboards, animatic, and most of the basic concept design needs to be finished in three weeks. Lot’s to do, but I’m enjoying every second of it. I spent most of the summer thinking that creating a senior film was an impossible task. Great thanks go to my roommates for convincing me otherwise. Now that everything is starting to come together and take shape, I’m gaining a lot more confidence that this simple story is actually going to come to life. It’s exciting to have an intense amount of confidence in my work again.

And in other news, I’m going to be entering the Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design competition with three of my friends. This has also kept my adrenaline pumping the past few days. I’ll update more as the project progresses.

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