May 23, 2009

McDonough Opening Sequence

Few! I've been working my buns off for over a week straight trying to get work done for finals. Unfortunately I still have about a week left of work to go before I can actually relax. But, amongst the sucktacularity of SCAD finals, I was able to finish the opening shot for "McDonough," my friend Kyle Stephens' senior film. The foreground layer is Kyle's stop motion set, and my matte paintings are in the background. The following sequence of images is a multi-planed Photoshop painting that Kyle is going to animate in After Effects. The camera is panning up the side of the building, while the city disappears into the bottom of the screen, and clouds open up to reveal the sun. I'm very please with how it turned out. Now I have to finish an animation for Monday and a three-page comic for Thursday. Thank the Lord I'm on the homeward stretch.

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Lady Garland said...

Matt, these are fantastic! It's so nice to see the finished product! Great work! And stay strong for finals!! XDD