May 16, 2009

McDonough Backgrounds Part 2

Few! I've been working like a dog these past few days. Since Wednesday, I penciled a splash page for Speed Sketching (which I will post shortly), I rendered two backgrounds in flash for Les Harper over at Lightbox Animation Studios (which I will post once I get the approval (don't want to accidentally break any contracts)), I started the packing process for my dorm room (and made major progress (I had A LOT of junk)), and I finished this background for the director of the senior film I'm working on. Wow I'm tired, but only two weeks left. It's daunting how much work I still have to do. Oh well! Tis life at SCAD.

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Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

Your matte paintings are beautiful! I can't wait to see how they look with characters moving around in them.