Apr 21, 2009

Life Drawings from Speed Sketching

Whew! This quarter has been very intense in terms of drawing. Between 2D Character Animation and Speed Sketching, I've literally pumped out over 1000 drawings in the past five weeks. It sounds crazy but I love it. These classes have really shown me the power of repetition. I feel like I've improved dramatically in such a short amount of time. So to celebrate midterms I thought I'd share with all of you some of the drawings I've created in my Speed Sketching class so far. The red ink drawings I did in class today, and the pencil drawings I did last Thursday of tourists on River Street. There's nothing like capturing candid moments of people naturally going about their business. My favorite drawing is the one of the little boy climbing all over his Dad's back. It's moments like this you simply can't recreate in a studio setting. Feel free to check out the sketchbook section of my portfolio. The first four pages are all fresh drawings from the past two weeks. I'll try to post those on the blog tomorrow.

In other news (regarding internships): I had a phone interview with Nickelodeon last week, and got a rejection letter from Pixar this week. One step forward and one step back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, I looked at your portfolio on You have great skill. I believe it is very important foundation for your career. I hope you will review more uniqueness and surprise in your creation.

Josh Lieberman said...

Good luck with Nickelodeon.
The first rejection letter I ever got was from Nick, and I have it framed.