Mar 11, 2009

Screen Shots from my Short Film

Well through a random series of emotionally devastating events, I was not able to finish my short film for finals because my flash drive fell out of a hole in my pocket. This flash drive contained ALL of my files from my Digital Cel Animation class, including all of the files for my short film. Praise God that my flash drive was recovered. Unfortunately it was after our final class for the quarter, and after I had withdrawn from the course. I'm upset that I won't receive course credit for the work, but at the same time I'm just glad to have my work back in my possession. I felt like a member of my family had died. All is well. I'll spend the first few weeks of next quarter working on the film, improving it, and finishing it. I've worked too hard to just let it go by the wayside. Above are a few screen shots from the film. Enjoy!

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Lady Garland said...

Matt, these look great! I'm so glad you found the drive again! Can't wait to see the finished product!