Nov 26, 2008

"American Dog" (the original "Bolt")

I was doing some research on Bolt and found out some interesting information about the history of its development. Apparently, Bolt was originally titled "American Dog" and was a one point in its development written and directed by Chris Sanders, the writer/director of Lilo and Stitch. However, Sanders was fired from the project, and Chris Williams was brought in to complete the film. According to Cartoon Brew, John Lasseter, now the new creative head at Disney was not happy with direction "American Dog" was taking and felt that it needed to be restructured. Above I've posted concept images that I found from "American Dog" and quite frankly, I kind of wish we got this movie instead. As much as I enjoyed Bolt, I do love the work of Chris Sanders. Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite animated movies, and to think we could have had another quirky film from him is disappointing. Well we can at least look forward to "Crood Awakenings," a film that Sanders' is now directing for Dreamworks. 

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