Nov 29, 2008

Adventures in Tokyo: Day 1 - Stuck in the Airport

Things are off to a good start. And by good I mean not really that great at all. My 7:10 A.M flight to Atlanta was delayed this morning until 10:15, which is incredibly inconvenient when your flight to Tokyo leaves at 9:50. So I had to completely rebook my flight. As it stands, I'm leaving West Virginia at 10:20 to Washington D.C. where I'll catch a flight to Tokyo at 12:30. Hopefully I won't have any more issues, but in the world of air traveling, nothing's a guarantee. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. 

However I may not be the only one having flight issues. I just got a call from my friend Zane. Apparently, he is the only one from our group who boarded the plane. The rest of our crew for Tokyo is supposed to be on that flight also, but because of weather issues they may have been delayed in Savannah. I don't know all the details, but poor Zane might be all alone in Tokyo. At least until I get there and then we'll both be screwed. But push come to shove, I have the name, address, and phone number of the hotel. I can go to the Tourist Information Center and get a cab at least. Wish me luck!

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